We all deserve to age well. So we're joining forces to give older adults the freedom to age well and stay connected to the world around them. We're a diverse group of organizations, committed to making a difference. It's about research, open innovation and connectivity.

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Philips, George Washington University and MIT AgeLab


As they age, most Americans see themselves living an independent and fulfilling life connected to their family, friends and community in the place they call home. But for far too many, this desire does not translate into reality. While 96% of older adults say it’s important to be as independent as possible as they age; only 21% plan to incorporate technology solutions to do so. The AgingWell Hub will provide older adults, caregivers, healthcare systems, caregivers, payers, policy makers, corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, academia and non-profits the opportunity to co-create solutions for aging well.


In healthcare settings and in the home, technology is available but not generally integrated into a meaningful, effective and efficient patient-care coordination experience. Monitoring devices, video and chat capabilities are available, yet it is still too common for a patient to have to travel back to the doctor's office for basic needs and follow up. The AgingWell Hub focuses on health and well-being holistically and drives an interconnected, coordinated effort to improve the delivery of care across the health continuum.


Caregivers are vitally important to the entire experience of living and aging well. Studies show that 82% of caregivers believe technology has the ability to make aging a better or easier experience, yet there remains a disconnect between caregivers' ability to incorporate technology into their care routines and their role in providing basic care. The AgingWell Hub supports both informal and formal caregivers in providing timely, effective support to older adults by leading efforts to create the technology solutions that place both caregiver and care receiver needs at the center.

Connected BODY / MIND / SPIRIT

Leveraging technology to monitor and manage an older adult's chronic condition, physiological status and mental health is central to our mission. Studies show that while mental illness is not an inevitable part of aging, approximately 6.9% of people aged 65-74 experience "frequent mental distress," and many experience anxiety associated with loss of functional ability. To enable older adults to preserve their sense of vitality and fulfillment, the AgingWell Hub envisions an integrated technology system that connects older adults to community resources like transportation, entertainment and government services, as well as doctors, caregivers and loved ones.